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Dollfie Stand Renewal

Dollfie Stand Renewal

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dollfie, the much beloved Dollfie Stand has been updated!

The refreshed Dollfie Stand provides great behind-the-scenes support and ensures that your Dollfie remain safe and secure while on display.

We're expecting to start selling the renewed Dollfie Stands at VOLKS USA sometime in June 2023

\Updated Features!/

The stand is made in metal for a clean and simple appearance.

The base has a decent weight that balances stability and easy portability.

- M size: approx. .5 lbs / 9 oz / 250g
- L size: approx. .9 lbs / 15 oz/ 440g

The warm-colored metal has a beautiful appearance and matte texture that hides fingerprints and dirt, creating an elegant atmosphere.

Model: MDD DDH-27 (S Bust) Product: Dollfie Stand (M / Saddle Type)

The slender and subtle supports are positioned to avoid any interference with skirts and legs.

Adjusting the height has been made easy! A broad range of Dollfie sizes can be accommodated without the need for screw-in height adjusters.

Model: SDB SD-F-63 Product Used: Dollfie Stand (L / Waist Hold Type)


The part that supports the Dollfie is coated with a gentle plastic, which is flexible and can be adjusted to fit the Dollfie's size.

The Dollfie Stand has been significantly enhanced to allow for beautiful poses, and is now refreshed with improved ease of use!

There are 4 types of stands

● Dollfie Stand - M Size

- Saddle Type
- Waist Hold Type

Fits: MSD, SDM, SDC, DSD, MDD, MDD Mochi-Ashi, DDP

● Dollfie Stand - L Size

- Saddle Type
- Waist Hold Type

Fits: SD, SD13, SDGr, SD16, SD17B, SDGOU, DDS, DD, DDdy

We will provide another update on the store as soon as we have the exact release date, so please stay tuned for further information!

We hope that you look forward to trying them out for yourself!

※Production of the previous version of the "Super Dollfie Stand" has been discontinued. The renewed Dollfie Stand is not compatible with the prior versions of "Wooden stands for SDM/SD", "Metal stands for SDM/SD", and the "Stand Extender".

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