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Lottery Policy


Lottery is a sales method utilized by VOLKS USA  to decide a winner to purchase the limited edition items. An entry in the lottery is a commitment to purchase. It is not a raffle for a free gift or prize. Due to the limited nature of our products, we are unable to guarantee that customers who place entries in our lottery events will be selected as winners for any of the items that they enter for. 

When you make an entry in the lottery, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. Details regarding lottery will be subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. We will not be able to answer any questions regarding our lottery selection process and how it is conducted.


Lotteries are only eligible for registered users on the VOLKS USA webstore residing in the USA, US territories, Canada and Mexico. ※Regional restrictions for limited items may apply.


  • Lottery entries are a commitment to purchase. If you win multiple items in the lottery you must pay for all of them. Incomplete payments will not be accepted and your winning lottery entry will be cancelled.
  • Individual lotteries will be conducted for each available item.
    • If you enter the lottery for two items, you may be selected as the winner for zero, one, or two of the items that you requested.
    • You will not be able to give priority to any of the items you enter for. Requests such as "I entered for both A and B. I would prefer to win Item A instead of Item B." will not be accepted.
  • Items released for purchase during lottery events may not be made available for general purchase after the lottery has been conducted. If you have not entered in the lottery and been selected as a winner for an item, you may not be unable to purchase it.
    • Please be aware that VOLKS USA cannot accept any changes after you submit your lottery entry. This includes cancellations, name changes, and shipping addresses.
      • We will not honor any requests of transferring the winning rights to a different user, family member, etc. 

      ※If you are moving and need to update your address, you will be able to update it. Please contact for further assistance.


      • Winner's emails will typically be sent on a specified date. Only those who have been chosen as a winner will be contacted.
        • There is a chance that winners will be contacted AFTER the announced date, so please keep checking for emails from VOLKS USA regarding the lottery for up to 2 weeks after the announced date.
      • Please note that winning lottery notifications are occasionally sent to a customer’s spam, promotions, or update folders. Please be sure to check all of your email inbox folders during the lottery winner announcement period.
        • Winning lottery entries will not be automatically charged. Please pay for your items by the payment deadline. See Section 4 for details about non-payment.
          • You will be able to purchase ONE OF EACH ITEM that you have been selected to win. Orders that are found to violate this rule will have their order cancelled.
          • Please purchase regular in-stock items separately from your lottery items. Some lottery items will have a delivery date that is a few months later than the payment date. 
          ※Delivery dates for Limited Edition items may change without notice. 

            SECTION 4 - NON-PAYMENT

            Lottery entries are a commitment to purchase. Please do not enter in the lottery if you have no intent to pay. If you win multiple items in the lottery you must pay for all of them. Non-payment for lottery items may result in order cancellation and account termination. Terminated accounts will no longer be able to use any of the services provided by VOLKS USA.


            5.1 - Prohibited uses mentioned in our Terms of Service (Section 12) will also apply for lottery events.

            5.2 - Submitting multiple lottery entries for a single item on one or multiple accounts

            5.3 - Creating multiple new accounts for the purpose of entering in the lottery

            5.4 - Account sharing

            5.5 - Entering in the lottery without intent to pay

            5.6 - Entering in the lottery on behalf of another person

            5.7- Transferring won items to a third party