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Pre-Order Policy

What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order is the act of reserving or purchasing an item that is either unreleased, made to order, or awaiting stock. Pre-orders typically guarantee fulfillment if placed within the specified pre-order period. At VOLKS USA pre-orders are non-refundable and are unable to be cancelled after pre-orders have closed.

Cancellations requested during open pre-order periods are able to be cancelled and refunded.

Types of Pre-Orders:

  • Regular Pre-Order:

Regular pre-order items will be purchasable after the pre-order period has closed. We recommend placing a pre-order to guarantee your spot instead of waiting for the public release date since there is a chance that the item will run out of stock upon release.

  • Limited Edition Pre-Order:

Limited Edition pre-orders may ONLY be available during the pre-order period. It may not be purchasable after the pre-order period has closed.

Making a Pre-Order:

  • Full Payment
Most pre-orders will require full payment upfront to guarantee your spot in the pre-order.
  • Down Payment
Specific pre-orders will offer the option for down payments instead of full payment. A pre-order down payment guarantees your spot in the pre-order and is considered a commitment to purchase. In the case of cancellation (voluntary or otherwise), your down payment will be retained as a cancellation fee.

    Remaining Payment

    This will only apply for those who have chose to make a down payment on a pre-order. The remaining payment (or remaining pre-order balance) is NOT an automatic charge. The remaining pre-order balance will typically be requested to be paid off a few weeks prior to shipping your pre-order.


    Pre-orders are considered to be a commitment to purchase. Non-payment by the requested payment deadline will result in order cancellation and may result in account termination. Terminated accounts will no longer be able to use any services provided by VOLKS USA.