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VOLKS USA - Help Center & FAQ

How can we help you?

No. VOLKS USA, Inc. does not directly offer any kind of layaway or payment plans. All items must be paid for in full at the time of order or, for some lottery or pre-order items, on the scheduled payment date.

We may not be able to restock certain items due to it being limited edition, out of production, and etc. We restock our webstore regularly and frequently, so we suggest regularly checking our site for product availability.

During checkout, our "first to pay" rule may cause an item in your cart to sell out. This means that the customer who pays for the item first gets it, even if you technically have added the item to your cart first. To secure your purchase, we recommend completing payment as quickly as possible. 

VOLKS USA is unable to provide any authentication services. We strongly recommend that customers purchase our products directly from VOLKS or our authorized retailers to ensure their authenticity and receive comprehensive support.

No, we do not offer any appraisal or consignment services for any of our products. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Yes. You can order sprues on a replacement basis for plastic model kits and CharaGumin color resin kits purchased through VOLKS and official Friendshops. Sprues vary in price, so please contact us for purchasing. 

Please note that we are only able to sell full sprues for plastic model kits. We will not be able to sell individual parts that have been removed from a sprue.

No. It is not possible to combine orders at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause.

Orders for in-stock items typically ship within 1-3 business days. Orders that contain pre-order items or items with later shipping dates will be shipped when all items in the order are ready for shipping.

For pre-order or lottery items, please refer to the pre-order information or the event page for the release schedule for your item to find out when your order will ship.

Pre-orders placed on our old webstore will be unaffected by the move. For more information, please refer to our [blog post here].

No. VOLKS USA and VOLKS International (Japan) are operated independently and have separate shipping schedules for releases. If you place a pre-order for an item from VOLKS USA, please make a note of the VOLKS USA release schedule for that item or bookmark the event page for that item's release.

Yes, CharaGumin Color Resin Kits are garage kits that require both assembly and painting to look like the sample photos. The photos in the listings are of fully painted samples.

All CharaGumin kit pieces are cast in color, so the pieces can be sanded without losing the base color. Small details (trims, accessories, etc.) require painting.

For more information about garage kits, please visit this page.

Due to the nature of soft vinyl, some cracks inside the head of Dollfie Dreams are inevitable. The presence or absence of cracks and their size may vary, but this is difficult to prevent due to the natural limitations of the material and technology.

Please note that if the crack has not completely reached the surface, the soft vinyl’s material strength is not significantly different.

As long as the head is not exceptionally loose (freely spinning on the neck peg or sliding off with no force), the head should be fit to use without excessive force.

If the head is exceptionally loose, the head may be defective. An in-person review will be required to determine if the head is defective and eligible for replacement. For more information about the in-person review, please read the VOLKS USA Warranty Information.

All sizes of Animetic Eyes can be used in all DD heads based on the look you are trying to achieve. The most commonly selected size is 22mm.

No, it is free to enter in the lottery. You will only need to pay if you are selected as the winning purchaser of limited items.

Lottery is a sales method utilized to decide the purchaser of limited items. It is not a raffle for a free gift or prize. 

Please carefully read through our Lottery Policy before entering for items.

If you are selected as a winner for a lottery event, you will receive an invoice for all of the items you have won via email. Please use the invoice you receive to pay for your lottery items.

Please be sure to check your inbox, spam, promotions, and updates folders for lottery emails.

Please note that it can take multiple days for lottery winners to be notified via email. We recommend checking for lottery winner notifications regularly for up to two weeks after the stated Results Announcement date.

No. If you are selected as a winner in a lottery event, you will receive an invoice for all of the items that you have won. Please use the invoice to submit a payment for the lottery items by the payment deadline.
No. Unfortunately, we are unable to combine orders for multiple lottery dolls into one shipment.
No, VOLKS USA does not send email notifications to customers that have not been selected as winners in lottery events.

Typically, if a payment is not received by the payment deadline, your lottery win is canceled and you may no longer be able to purchase the items.

Please contact us if you have missed your payment deadline for a lottery event and are still interested in the items. Please note that we do not guarantee that you will still be able to purchase the item after the deadline even if you contact us.

No. If you live at the same address as another doll collector, but you have separate VOLKS USA accounts under separate email addresses, this will not affect your chances of winning the lottery.

Please note that if you both enter for the same item, it is possible that you will both win the item, only one of you will win the item, or neither of you will win the item.

No. We will be unable to accept any orders for limited edition items once they are sold out. 

Items that are made available through lottery events may not released for general sale after the lottery has ended. The only way to guarantee the ability to purchase these items is to be selected as a winner in the lottery.

Please note that it can take up to two weeks for the lottery to finish being conducted. Please be sure to check your email inbox, spam, promotions, and updates folders for lottery notifications for up to two weeks after the scheduled lottery winner notification date.

Online Full Choice Service (Online FCS) is a service that allows customers to choose a Super Dollfie®’s body type, skin color, head sculpt, eyes, and other option parts from a selection of choices. This allows the customer to customize their SD to a certain degree.

Online FCS also offers the option to have your SD’s makeup applied by ZOUKEI-MURA artists. SD body types, head parts, and other related items are offered on a rotation, so some options may not be available through Online Full Choice.

Please be advised that Online FCS is not available year-round. Online FCS is only available during Online FCS events, which will be announced on our webstore, social media, and email newsletter.

Outside of Online FCS, VOLKS USA does not accept requests for custom dolls.

No, VOLKS USA does not take requests for custom dolls.

Dollfie Dream® that are customized before purchase are only available through the DD Dream Choice service at Doll Point in Japan. For more information about DD Dream Choice, please visit the following link:

VOLKS USA offers Dollfie Dream® Standard Models for customers who would like to purchase a complete DD. Dollfie Dream® Standard Models are sold as-is and cannot be ordered with custom options.

No. Due to the concept of Super Dollfie®, we usually sell them as completed dolls and do not regularly sell their heads or bodies separately outside of special events.

VOLKS USA, INC. can only accept orders through the VOLKS USA website at this time. We cannot accept orders by fax, phone, or regular mail. Please do not send cash or checks to us. We cannot process these orders and we cannot guarantee their safety. If we do receive cash or checks by mail we will send them back to you as is.

No. The VOLKS USA webstore reflects live inventory, so if you have purchased the last of an items stock, it will display as "out of stock" once your order has been processed.

If there is an issue with your order, we will contact you directly.

No. We are unable to modify orders after they have been placed. Please be sure to double-check that your order is correct before placing it. 
No. Order notes are only read by VOLKS USA staff. We are unable to pass on requests that your package be left by the front door, back gate, etc. to the postal worker who will deliver your package.

In order to ensure that as many customers as possible are able to order items that are in high demand, purchase limits may be set on certain items. Customers are not permitted to add more than the set quantity of an item to their cart. If you place multiple orders to buy additional quantity beyond the purchase limit for a certain item, any orders that exceed the purchase limit will be cancelled and refunded.

Yes. Currently we collect sales tax for residents of the state of California (CA) and for those who choose to pick up items at the VOLKS USA office.

You are likely seeing a pending authorization. This means that the payment was not processed, and you were not charged. Pending authorizations will drop from your statement after 1-7 calendar days. 
Please refer to our Pre-Order Policy for information regarding pre-orders.
No, you cannot pay for your pre-order early. Please pay for your remaining payment on our requested payment date.

No. VOLKS USA's web store only operates and accepts orders in US Dollars. We are unable to receive payment in other currencies.

No. Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. Please be very careful to research our products before making your order.

Yes and no. It depends on when you request your cancellation. Cancellations requested during open pre-order periods are able to be cancelled and refunded.

We do not accept any cancellations for pre-orders after the pre-order period has closed. For additional information regarding pre-orders, please refer to our Pre-Order Policy.

"Pick-up" is an option we offer for local customers. 

Shipping fees are waived for those who opt to pick up their items in person.

No. We are unable to change shipping methods for orders after they have been placed.

Packages may be returned due to being unclaimed at the post-office, if they were sent to an incorrect address, or damaged during transit. 

We can re-ship your package if they are returned to us. Once your package is returned to our warehouse we will attempt to contact you to arrange the reshipment of your package. You may update your shipping address or shipping method on your returned package.

Pick-up is only available at our office location in Gardena, California. You will be unable to pick up your order at any other location.

If you cannot select your country, you may live outside of our service area. Please make your order on the VOLKS International (Japan) webstore.

VOLKS USA, INC. is only able to deliver within the United States of America, US Territories, Canada, and Mexico. If you live outside of these areas, we will be unable to ship to you.

Yes. We ship to US military addresses, including APO and FPO addresses, with the exception of flammable items.

Yes. Those who live outside of the United States may be subject to customs fees prior to delivery.

VOLKS USA is not responsible for setting and paying customs fees. If you refuse delivery a because you do not want to pay customs fees, we require that you pay for any incurred shipping costs.

Please refer to your countries customs laws for more information about fees.

We cannot mark down or misrepresent the value of packages, or mark them as gifts. Not only does it make us incapable of insuring your items correctly, it can also mean heavy fines and penalties for us and we would like to continue to do business in the USA. If you refuse a delivery because you do not want to pay the customs or brokerage fees, we will require that you cover any return shipping costs.

Please contact us within 14 days including weekends and holidays after receipt. If you contact us after this period, we may be unable to honor any requests.

Yes, if the item meets certain conditions. 

Please contact us within 14 days including weekends and holidays after receipt. If you contact us after this period, we may be unable to honor any requests. Please do not attempt to repair or modify the defective item yourself. Items that are not in their original condition may not be eligible for refunds, exchanges or replacements. 


For claims that require additional "in-person review":

We may request you to return your item to VOLKS USA, INC. at your expense for further review. Return shipping will be reimbursed by VOLKS USA if the item is found to be defective.If the claim is found to not be a production defect, you will be required to pay all return shipping fees.

For more information, please read the VOLKS USA Warranty Information.

Click here to update your addresses associated with your account.
Please create a new account under the email address that you would like to be associated with your account. Then, email with your name, the email address of the new account, and the email address of your previous account. VOLKS USA staff will merge the two accounts under the new email address.

Please contact us for deletion of your account.

No. VOLKS USA currently operates as an online retailer. We do not have a physical storefront for in-person shopping.

We will only be attending events that we have previously announced on our site and social media. If we have not made any announcement regarding a convention or event, it is safe to assume that we will not be attending.

If you have any event suggestions for us, please feel free to contact us. However, please keep in mind that suggestions may not guarantee that we will be able to attend. Thank you very much for your understanding.

VOLKS USA, Inc. currently has staff members who are fluent in both English and Japanese. (Telephone service in Japanese is not available at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

We offer wholesale pricing for approved retailers. Please refer to this page for additional information regarding Wholesale Opportunities

No, we do not have any buy back services.