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What are Garage Kits?

A garage kit is a type of hobby model kit that is made of polyurethane resin.

These kits typically come unassembled and unpainted. Resin garage kits are usually more expensive than other types of model kits due to the materials and the production process.

The main advantages of resin garage kits include the ability to create unique and detailed models of characters or creatures from Japanese anime, manga, video games, and other pop culture media.

■ What is CharaGumin?

Chibi Kantantan

CharaGumin is a line of of colored resin garage kits produced by VOLKS, INC. The name CharaGumin is a combination of character and the Japanese word kumitateru (組み立てる) which means "to assemble".

CharaGumin is built on the philosophy of making garage kits less intimidating, accessible, and fun! The parts of the garage kits are color-coded and are put together like a 3D puzzle.

Building and completing a garage kit of your favorite character is a very unique and satisfying experience. It is a feeling that you cannot experience by just buying and displaying a pre-finished product. We hope that you can give CharaGumin and garage kits a try!


Our friend @bhop.builds created an awesome video showcasing what it's like to build a CharaGumin kit! Check it out below!