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Warranty Information

Due to the unique nature of our products, all sales are final. 

Please note that once an order has been placed, we are unable to accept cancellations or make any changes to the order. It is important to carefully review and confirm all aspects of your order, including item details, size, style, color, etc., before finalizing the purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns about item compatibility, availability, or any other inquiries, please reach out to VOLKS USA Customer Service before placing your order.

VOLKS USA, Inc. will only accept returns, exchanges, or replacements for the following.

  • Missing Items
  • Incorrect items
  • Defective Items
  • Items Damaged during Transit

To be eligible for exchanges or replacements, items must be returned in their original condition. Items that are not in their original condition may not qualify for any these options.

Refunds will be issued only in cases where repairs, replacements, or exchanges are not feasible.

※ Please note that certain items, such as shipping boxes, packaging, packing materials, plastic bags, cushions, etc., are intended solely for item protection during transit and are not eligible for replacement or exchange. However, boxes featuring artwork may be eligible for exchange depending on the circumstance.

Return and Exchange Requirements:

All claims must be reported to VOLKS USA Customer Service within two weeks (14 days/including weekends and holidays) after delivery/pick-up.

If you contact us after the two week period we may be unable to honor your request.

Please include the following information in your claim.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Order Number
  3. Pictures of Incorrect Item/Damage/Defect
  4. Picture of Packing Slip and Shipping Box

VOLKS USA, INC. will pay for the costs of shipping, repair, or replacement for incorrect/missing items and claims that show obvious production defects or shipping damage.

For claims that require additional "in-person review":

We may request you to return your item to VOLKS USA, INC. at your expense for further review.

Return shipping will be reimbursed by VOLKS USA if the item is found to be defective.

If the claim is found to not be a production defect, you will be required to pay all return shipping fees.

◾ Visit this page to learn how to pack items for return: [Packaging Items for a Return or Exchange]

Ineligible Items for Return or Exchange:

We do not accept returns or exchanges at the convenience of the customer, especially for reasons such as items not being exactly as the customer imagined or disliking it. In addition, we do not accept returns or exchanges to the following items.

  • Opened Items (except when a product is found to have production defects after opening)
  • Items that have been assembled and/or disassembled by the customer.
  • Items that have been used or damaged by the customer.
  • Items that have been painted, modified, and/or customized by the customer.※ 
  • Items where the accessories, box, booklets, and etc. have been lost or damaged by the customer.
  • Items that have been purchased by a third party, second-hand, auction, consignment store, unauthorized reseller and etc.
  • Items that have been returned to VOLKS USA without prior contact or notice.

Modifications that may void the VOLKS USA warranty include: removing factory-installed eyes, installing new eyes, using any adhesive, marking the product in any way (e.g. pen ink), using any treatment or care product that leaves a residue, etc.

Please follow all instructions while we process your claim.

Most cases will require you to return your items to VOLKS USA, INC. in their original condition. When making a claim, please keep any items, booklets, shipping materials, packaging, and invoices that were originally included in your shipment. We may not be able to accept any exchanges or return if the returned items are not shipped to us in their original condition.

Approved returns and exchanges must be sent to VOLKS USA, INC. within two weeks (excluding transit) once a return shipping label has been issued. If we are not contacted, or if the return label shows no movement we will consider the claim to be resolved.

Please do NOT send us back any damaged, defective, or incorrect items prior to our request. If you do not follow our instructions we may not be able to assist you.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Regarding Third Party Purchases:

Please note that this warranty policy does not cover any purchases made through third party shipping services, unaffiliated third party stores, or second hand sales. We strongly advise our customers to purchase directly from VOLKS official webstores or our authorized dealers to ensure that they are receiving genuine products covered by our warranty. Any purchases made through third party channels are done so at the customer's own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any issues or damages that may arise.

This Warranty only covers damages, loss, defects, etc. between VOLKS USA and the original ship-to party/location. Once the package has left the original ship-to destination, we cannot accept claims on it for any reason.

Please carefully read our [Terms of Service], [Shipping Policy], and Warranty Information for more details on the terms and conditions of coverage.

Please understand the items through the VOLKS USA website are prepared exclusively and especially for the genuine owners and not for those who purchase the items for the purpose of re-selling or buying them for someone else. We cannot guarantee any items and its quality purchased from a third party.