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VLOCKer's FIORE Cosmos & Comet ChaosWing Set

VLOCKer's FIORE Cosmos & Comet ChaosWing Set

Hello everyone!

Today we'll be talking about the upcoming release of VLOCKer's FIORE "Cosmos & Comet ChaosWing Set".

Releasing: May 2023 at VOLKS USA

This new set expands on the theme of "Space Exploration Operations". 

New wing parts have greatly changed the expression and overall silhouette of Cosmos & Comet. The unique shape has an eerie feeling that evokes the feeling of "corruption" and "alien lifeforms."

The eerie and aggressive shape of the wings are contrasted by the beautiful pure white coloration.

These wings can be assembled into various different shapes such as a shield, sword, and more! 

You can also attach the wing parts for Cosmos' lil robot buddy "Comet." It makes it look like they have been taken over by some sort of alien lifeform.

A new "erosion face" is included in this set. You can enhance your story and worldbuilding with this interesting new face. The red eye and erosion marks on her face makes it seem like she is slowly being corrupted by darkness.

A decal sheet is included to give you more freedom in creating your own canon for Cosmos. This sheet features normal color eyes, erosion red eyes, and special erosion blue eyes that are exclusive to the decal sheet.

Is she a savior of mankind or an extraterrestrial threat? We'll leave that up to you to decide!

This set is expected to be released on our store during May 2023, so please keep an eye out for our next update!

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