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An Introduction to Super Dollfie Accessories!

An Introduction to Super Dollfie Accessories!

Standard models come with a full set of simple undergarments and their default wig/eyes, but what if you want to go farther? What else do you need? What else do you want? It can be overwhelming looking at all of the options so here's a quick over view of the essentials.

In this article we'll walk you through wig care, display, and travel items along with giving you some tips for how to help you fully enjoy the world of Super Dollfie!

Wig care 

To ensure your wigs are just how you like them we suggest the use of:

Tenshi no Hairbrush - Perfect for taming any wig type. The bristles smooth down stray hair and the shaped handle is ideal for precision styling!

Tangle Teezer - For detangling long wigs.

Dollfie Water Wax - Water wax is designed specifically for light wig styling. A little bit goes a long way and unlike hairspray it doesn't harden so can be adjusted on the fly!

Display items

Doll Stands  For secure display and to aid in photography. Stands have many uses. Unsure if you should get a saddle or waist hold style stand? There is no wrong choice! Make sure you pick the stand for your size doll (they're listed in the product descriptions!) and enjoy your display with confidence!

Travel items

Carrying Cases - Regardless of type, all our carrying cases contain plenty of storage for accessories, additional outfits, props, and any other incidentals such as wig care items so that you're ready for anything.

Face Cover - Every face cover comes with a plastic shield and a cushioning sheet, don't throw that sheet away! The cushion sheet is an important layer of padding to making sure that no harm comes to your Super Dollfie's makeup!

Want to make your doll uniquely your own but not sure where to start? 

Wigs, eyes, and clothing are simple to switch out and make a big impact! To get a deeper understanding and learn about how to change them please check out our more in depth guides linked below! 

How to change eyes and how to find the right eyes for your Super Dollfie
How to change wigs and understand the different sizes
How to tell if an outfit will fit your Super Dollfie 

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