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Schpitt Magnet Set

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This magnet set is suitable for all SD sizes, from the tiny, cute YoSDs to the tall, elegant SD17s.

Some older models may not be able to use the "Schpitt" magnet. Please make sure to check your SD before purchasing this item. SDs who can use the "Schpitt" magnetic function will have a round hole in their head and headcap to place the magnet.

[How To Attach]

Simply glue them in place using a multi-purpose adhesive. We recommend using the ZM Instant Dry Glue/Gel Type, but you should be able to use most any glue that is strong binding and safe for plastics.

[Important Notes]

  • Please keep out of reach of small children.
  • Please be aware that this item cannot be used in the older style of Super Dollfie heads that attach with an elastic band inside the head cap.
  • When attaching these parts in a head that has previously had the parts attached, please remove all remnants of the old glue before attaching.
  • The magnet is very strong. Please take care when handling it.
  • Be sure to keep it away from magnetic cards or delicate equipment.
  • Take care not to cut your fingers or get them caught between the parts.
  • If you have a medical implant such as a pacemaker, please use caution and be aware of your condition when handling the magnet.
  • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.