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1/32 Douglas AD-6 (A-1H) Skyraider

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  • What is needed is a new carrier-based attack aircraft, history will be made at night!

    Previously, the US Navy had distinguished between bombers (SB/Scout Bomber) and torpedo bombers (TB/Torpedo Bomber), and assigned separate aircraft to each of them. However, with the idea of having pilots carry out all missions, in 1943 they presented each manufacturer with a specification request for a single-seat carrier-based attack aircraft (BT/Bomber Torpedo). In response to this request, Ed Heineman of Douglas was convinced that the new aircraft would be able to fulfill the missions required by the Navy. He asked permission to stop the progress of the aircraft that was under development at the time and allocate the unused budget to the new bomber.
    Finally, Heineman and two of his subordinates drew up a conceptual design overnight, received approval from Congress, and successfully completed the first flight of the first aircraft on schedule.
    This kit is a special package that includes the AD-6 painted in sea blue and comes with markings for VA-104 and VA-155, as well as VA-165 and VA-176 painted in gull gray/ White.

    This is a carrier-based aircraft! Enjoy the wide range of armaments suitable for any operational mission with the special "US Military Aircraft Weapons" set.

    Due to its nature as a carrier-based attack aircraft, the Skyraider's wings did not require laminar flow wings, and furthermore, a folding type was adopted to take into account the dimensional restrictions on narrow decks.
    In addition, since it was intended to be a single-seater carrier attack aircraft capable of both bombing and torpedo attacks, a wider variety of armaments were mounted externally. For this reason, it had 15 pylons (one under the fuselage and seven under each wing), giving it the largest payload of any single-engine reciprocating attack aircraft.
    SWS kit, which aims to "reproduce a real airplane in a model using the magical Material plastic," faithfully reproduces the wing cross-section and the smoothly movable folding mechanism just like the real thing. You can enjoy the power of "This is a carrier-based aircraft!"

  • Scale
    1/32 scale
    Product Type
    Two-color molded (gray, clear) injection plastic kit
    Sculpted by
    Height: approx. 116 mm, Width: approx. 477 mm, Length: approx. 368 mm
    Total Parts
    Decal, Masking Sheet
    • This product is intended for ages 15 and up.
    • This product has sharp edges in its design. Please be careful when handling this product.
    • Glue is required for assembly.
    • The photo shows a finished sample. This product is unpainted assembly kit.
    • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.