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What is Dollfie?

Dollfie (ドルフィー) is a original doll developed by VOLKS ZOUKEI-MURA since 1998.
Dollfie combines the beauty of a figure with an innovative joint system, allowing for a wide range of posing possibilities.
Dollfie is also one of the world's first doll that can be customized and nurtured a new doll hobby culture.

What is the Difference Between Super Dollfie and Dollfie Dream?

Visit Super Dollfie Special Site (JP) Visit Dollfie Dream Special Site (JP)
Release 1999 2003
Material Urethane (Thermosetting resin) Soft Vinyl
Joint Mechanism Elastic Strung (Traditional Ball Jointed Doll) Internal Frame (DDIF Skeleton)

Another Yourself.

Whether you envision an adorable child or a stylish adult, a Super Dollfie can be transformed to embody your dreams. You can customize their appearance and expressions to reflect your individual desires and bring your vision to life.

Your Dream Doll

Bring your favorite 2D characters from anime, manga, and games into the 3D realm with Dollfie Dream! Experience the perfect blend of figure and doll charms, creating the ultimate combination that brings your beloved characters to life like never before.

  • A feeling of presence in someone's arms
  • Translucent and bright skin
  • Unique character and charm that evolves under the care of their owner
  • Softness of soft vinyl
  • Dynamic posing to capture your character's personality
  • A wide variety of optional parts for customization
Differences between SD and DD SD見分け方のポイント
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Realistic make-up with detailed eyelashes and eyeshadow
  • Animetic Eyes
  • Make-up that has the feeling of an Anime character
SD/DD Height and Size SDの種類と大きさ
      • YoSD ~27cm/11in
      • SDM ~43cm/16.9in
      • SD ~58cm/23in
      • SDGr ~58cm/23in
      • SDGrB ~62cm/24.5in
      • SD16 ~62.5cm/25in
      • SD17 ~65cm/25.5in


    • MDD ~43.5cm/17in 
    • DDP ~50cm/20in
    • DDS ~54.5cm/21.5in
    • DD ~57cm/22.5in
    • DDdy ~56.5cm/22.3in
Main Releases
  • Standard Model
  • SD One-Off Model
  • SD Full Choice Model
  • Limited Edition
  • Standard Model
  • D'COORD (Doll Point Exclusive)
  • DD Dream Choice (Doll Point Exclusive)
  • Limited Edition