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Limited DD Pre-Order Project 2024 Limited DD Pre-Order Project 2024


DDS Alphinaud
Dollfie Dream® Sister Alphinaud
DDS Alisaie
Dollfie Dream® Sister Alisaie

What is the Limited DD Pre-Order Project?

All orders placed during the Pre-order period are guaranteed to be fulfilled!
However, please be careful as we won’t accept any late orders for any reason once the Pre-order period ends. It may take some time before delivery because of their made-to-order nature.
Please be aware that the delivery schedule may change, or the items may be delivered in installments if the order quantity exceeds our expectations.

For Customers from Outside of North America
Pre-Orders on this web-store are only for registered VOLKS USA users residing in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
Those residing outside of North American will not be eligible for Pre-Order on VOLKS USA.

Please click the link below to place your Pre-Order on the VOLKS International web-store:
» Click here to check the details.


Step 1

The Limited DD Pre-Order Project has begun!
June 13, 2024

Step 2

Pre-Order Period
June 13
~ Aug. 12, 2024

Step 3

Product Preparation Period
Aug. 2024 ~ Summer 2025

Step 4

Product delivery
scheduled to be
November 2025

Pre-Order Steps

Place DD limited item into your cart after you have checked the item information. Then proceed to the checkout page.

Follow the instruction on the Checkout page and choose the shipping method you like.

A "Registration complete" page will be displayed once you are finished. An email confirming the completion of your pre-order will be sent to the email address you specified on registration. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact us at

This concludes the registration for the pre-order for DD limited item.

Questions and Answers

Q1: What am I expected to do after I place my pre-order?
A: A copy of your invoice will be sent to you at the email address you used at the time of your pre-order. Please make sure to keep that invoice with you. VOLKS USA will contact you as soon as we are ready to ship your order. We will keep the record of your order on our system. However, if you do not receive the invoice from us after you place your order, please contact us our customer service at immediately.
Q2: If I pay a deposit, when will I pay the remaining balance for my order?
A: We will send you an email when your order is ready to be shipped out. Please refer to the instructions described in the email for paying the remaining balance.
Q3: Can I cancel my order while I am waiting to receive my pre-order?
A: You can cancel your pre-order during the pre-order period (by August 12, 2024).
Q4: Can I change the information such as the name, address, or phone number after my order is placed?
A: If you wish to change your information, please contact our customer service.
Q5: I want to place an order, but are there any differences in ordering at the VOLKS USA Web Store and the VOLKS International Web Store?
A: Yes. The orders will be shipped out from the store where you made your orders at. VOLKS International Web Store is run by VOLKS, Inc in Japan. Each store manages its events differently. Please read the regulations and contact the customer service of the store if you have any questions.

Important Notes about Pre-Order

  1. Please make sure to read our Terms of Service and Pre-Order Policy.
  2. There is no limit to the number of pre-orders per customer.
  3. Please note that you cannot add regular in-stock items in the same order as this pre-order. Please make separate orders for the regular items and this item.
  4. Please note that these schedules mentioned above are subject to change without notice.


Pre-Order Period from June 13 @ 8 p.m.(PT) to August 12, 2024 @ 10 a.m.(PT)
Delivery Date November 2025

Pre-Order at VOLKS USA Web Store


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