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Dolls Party 51 After Event Dolls Party 51 After Event


  • SD Boy Alto
    in Boys' Dormitory Ver.

  • SD Boy Michele
    in Boys' Dormitory Ver.

  • SD Boy Rigel
    in Boys' Dormitory Ver.

  • SDM Girl Coco
    10th Anniversary Version

  • SDM Girl Saki
    10th Anniversary Version

  • SDM Girl Chiyo
    10th Anniversary Version

  • DD Aqua

  • "Hanami Outfit" Set

Delivery Date: Sequentially delivered starting July 2024

Limited Dollfie & Items Special Website

  • Boys' Dormitory
  • SDM Girls - Coco, Saki, Chiyo - 10th Anniversary Version
  • DD Aqua
  • Hanami Outfit Set

What is an "After Event"?

In Japan, VOLKS regularly conducts events throughout the year called Dolls Party or "Dolpa" for short.
During these events, special Limited Edition SD (Super Dollfie®) and DD (Dollfie Dream®), outfits, and their related items are released to our customers who attend.

However, since we know that all our customers may not be able to attend these events in person we hold separate events online called the "Dolls Party After Event".
During these After Events, we offer the same Limited Edition Dollfie, Outfits, and their related items to our customers online through our website after the main physical event.

If you aren't able to attend our Dolls Party events in person, our Dolls Party After Events is your No. 1 chance to purchase these items! Be sure to join us during these virtual events!
Don't forget that these items are Limited Edition! Once they're sold out, they will no longer be available!

Event Release Basis

Dolls Party 51


Lottery Period

Acceptance from
May 1 @Midnight to
May 10 @10AM (PT)

Results Announcement

May 17, 2024

Payment Due

May 20, 2024 @10AM (PT)

Delivery Date

Sequentially delivered starting July 2024

How to Enter the Lottery

Choosing Your Entry

After reading the item description, select the item that you want to enter and place it in your cart. If you wish to enter for multiple, different items; please add them all into the same cart. You may only enter once per item.

Please purchase regular in-stock items separately from your lottery items.
Please be aware that VOLKS USA cannot accept any changes after your entry. This includes cancellations, name changes, change shipping address*, etc.


Follow the instructions on the checkout page.

Receiving Confirmation Email

An "Order is Confirmed" page will display after you create a successful lottery entry.
You will also receive an "Order Confirmation" to the email on file.
If you do not receive an order confirmation email, please contact us at

Lottery Result Announcement

Only those who have been selected as a winner will be contacted.

  • If you are selected as a winner, you will be able to purchase ONE OF EACH ITEM. Orders that are found to violate this rule will have their order cancelled.
  • Winners will receive a payment request from VOLKS USA. Winning lottery entries will not be automatically charged.
    Please complete your payment by the due date.

Lottery Entry Rules and Conditions

  1. When you make entries through our web site, you agree with our Terms of Service and Lottery Policy. Since the terms of service are subject to change without notice, please check back with the latest information.
  2. An entry in the lottery is a commitment to purchase. It is not a raffle for a free gift or prize. Due to the limited nature of our products, we are unable to guarantee that customers who place entries in our lottery events will be selected as winners for any of the items that they enter for.
  3. Non-payment for lottery items may result in order cancellation and account termination.
    Terminated accounts will no longer be able to use any of the services provided by VOLKS USA.
  4. We will not honor any requests of transferring the winning rights to a different user, family member, etc.
  5. Please note that these schedules mentioned above are subject to change without notice.

Entry for Limited Dollfie Web Store Lottery

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