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Oil Spray

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Dollfie Wig Oil Spray is a conditioning spray for your Dollfie wigs! If your doll's hair is getting out of control and frizzy this spray is the right tool for the job! This spray is gentle and will not harm your doll, but it is best to not to spray it while your doll is wearing it. Make sure to apply it before putting on your doll's wig.

If your doll has straight hair you can spray it and gently brush it through, once it is dry it will be straighter and smoother. If your doll has curly hair then you can spray it and gently work the curls back into shape with your fingers. Don't brush it as this can disrupt the shape of the curls.

Volume: 30 mL

[Important Notes]

  • This doll wig care item is exclusively intended for hobby and doll use. Please refrain from using this product on yourself or others, as it may not be suitable or safe for human hair.