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[Pre-Order] DD Hatsune Miku NT at VOLKS USA

[Pre-Order] DD Hatsune Miku NT at VOLKS USA

The next generation of Hatsune Miku is here for you!

We're excited to announce that VOLKS USA will be accepting pre-orders for Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku NT from December 9 to December 11 2023!

Every order placed within the pre-order period will be fulfilled.

Don't miss this opportunity to welcome DD Hatsune Miku NT into your life!

■ Pre-Order Information

Pre-Order Period
December 9 @ 5:00PM (PT) ~ December 11 @ 12:00PM (PT)
Delivery Date
Summer 2024

Please Note: VOLKS USA operates separately from [VOLKS International (JP)]. This announcement is exclusively for VOLKS USA. Sales methods offered on the [VOLKS International (JP)] online store may differ from those offered by VOLKS USA.

A pre-order listing on [] will be available at the start of the pre-order period.

■ What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order is the act of reserving or purchasing an item that is either unreleased, made to order, or awaiting stock. Pre-orders typically guarantee fulfillment if placed within the specified pre-order period. At VOLKS USA pre-orders are non-refundable and are unable to be cancelled after pre-orders have closed.

Cancellations requested during open pre-order periods are able to be cancelled and refunded.

■ Product Information

DD Hatsune Miku NT

Price: $690.00

  • Sculpted by
    Outfit Production
    VOLKS Doll Design Department
    Animetic Eyes Original Iris / 22 mm
    Original Style / DD size
    "Hatsune Miku / Snow Miku / Sakura Miku / Hatsune Miku NT " Original Head
    DD Base Body (DD-f3) / SS Bust
    DDII-H-01 (Basic Hands)
    Skin Color
    Doll, Wig, Hair Accessory (x2), Headset, Ribbon Tie, Blouse, Arm Cover (Clear), Arm Cover (White), Skirt, Socks, Panties, Shoes
    * Additional Hand Set: DDII-H-02-SW (Scissors/Peace Hands)

    *The hand parts of DD "Hatsune Miku NT" are a special version with painted nails.
    *The left upper arm of the DD "Hatsune Miku NT" is a special edition with the "01" mark printed on it.

*Above image links to product special site (JP)

[Important Notes about Pre-Order]
  • This pre-order will require full payment upfront to guarantee your spot in the pre-order.
  • Please make sure to read our [Terms of Service] and [Pre-Order Policy].
  • Please note that you cannot add regular in-stock items in the same order as this pre-order. Please make separate orders for the regular items and this item.
  • Price excludes shipping fees and tax.
  • Please note that these schedules mentioned above are subject to change without notice.
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